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yo~~ it's already 2 a.m here in my country, but I'm here to post this no matter what XD
kyaaaaaaaaa it's finally here!!!!! KyoJe's song that they've created together ❤ the title is Bokura no Asa.. It means "Our Morning" in English.. they performed this song at Gamushara J's Party Vol. 8 last month.. but this just aired yesterday.. Taiga said he wrote the lyrics after watching Matsujun's movie (Hidamari no Kanojo).. and after he was done with the lyrics, he passed it to Jesse, then Jesse made the music in just one day (so fast XD).. yeah Jesse really couldn't wait, he kept telling Taiga to make the lyrics LoL
I've been waiting for their song for about one year, you know T__T since they kept talking about making a song together.. and finally the long wait is over.. I'm just too happy, so I wanna share this performance in full HD haha... enjoy~~