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this time, I want to share news clip of Gamushara J's Party..
they showed behind the scene of J's Party, and announced about upcoming Jr regular show 'Gamushara' that will begin airing on April 12.. you might already know about this news :D
and at the end, you can see Midnight Shuffle performance by Jesse, Hokuto, Yasui, Genki, Jinguji, Miyachika, Kauan, Hanzawa, and Masuda :))


Download Link
No RnH ep this time, haven't downloaded it ^^v
I really want to share this performance no matter what LoL
A performance by Takahashi Kaito, Kakuta Yuusei and Nakamura Reia.. they sang Akanishi Jin's Bass Go Boom..
Kaito was the center here.. you can say this is his performance, because he sang most of the song :D
Then Yuusei came up with his roller skate, followed by Reia with his skateboard.. after that they danced together..
oh there were two R's members here (Rinne and Shota) as backdancers..
Takahashi Kaito, this new kid is really something haha.. will he be the new ace in Jr?? well, let's see :))
I really don't mind if they formed a new unit with these 3 ;) I love Yuusei, so I want more of him on the stage >.<
And the most important is I enjoyed their performance <3
Last, Jesseeeee~ you lost to Kaito.. he sang one of Jin's English song XDDD

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lately (almost one month) there are no RnH new episodes, because the show is not being aired until... i don't know XD
maybe next week or next month it will be aired again..
so i decided to share some old episodes again :)
these episodes are about girls talk.. and the boys monitoring them without them knowing :D

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